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How to choose powder metallurgy products

In recent years, with the rapid development of the market economy, powder injection molding technology has been widely used, making our powder metallurgy products a great success, and more and more fields have begun to use powder metallurgy products to help production. At the same time, more and more users also recognize powder metallurgy products more, but how to choose and buy the complicated powder metallurgy products in the market is a problem that everyone should pay attention to.

Heat treatment process of powder metallurgy

Powder metallurgy materials are used more and more widely in modern industry. In the application of high-density and high-precision complex parts replacing forgings, rapid development has also been achieved with the continuous progress of powder metallurgy technology. However, due to the difference of subsequent treatment process, there are still some defects in its physical and mechanical properties. This paper briefly expounds and analyzes the heat treatment process of powder metallurgy materials, analyzes its influencing factors, and proposes strategies to improve the process.

Why powder injection molding has become one of the most sought-after processes today

Why is powder injection molding one of the most sought-after processes today? An important development direction of powder injection molding is closely related to microsystem technology. It is closely related to the microsystem technology. In the areas related to micro-systems, such as electronic information, micro-chemistry, medical equipment, etc., equipment continues to be miniaturized and its functions are becoming more complex. The powder injection molding technology provides the possibility of completion.

What are the common problems in the use of powder metallurgy bearings?

Powder metallurgy bearing is made by pressing, sintering, shaping and oil-immersing metal powder and other anti-friction materials. It has a porous structure. After being soaked in hot oil, the pores are filled with lubricating oil. The journal rotates during operation. The suction effect and friction heating of the metal and oil heat the metal and the oil to squeeze the oil out of the pores, and then the friction surface acts as a lubrication. After the bearing is cooled, the oil is sucked back into the pores. So what are the common problems in the use of powder metallurgy bearings?

How much do you know about powder metallurgy parts in oil pumps?

How much do you know about powder metallurgy parts in oil pumps? Currently, engine oil pumps and automatic transmission oil pumps mostly use quantitative oil pumps. Quantitative oil pumps are generally external gear pumps, internal gear pumps, or internal gear pumps. Various structures are made of powder metallurgy.


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