Professional team

We adhere to the concepts of "everyone is talented, everyone becomes talented" and "talents are the living resources of the enterprise", and implement the corporate talent strategy with the concept of "not seeking perfect people, but seeking capable people, not seeking possessions, but seeking what you can use". 

Advocate "healthy, happy, active, scientific" work concept. Only by being physically and mentally healthy and enjoying work can you have the true pleasure of life.

Development is not only the combination of personal and corporate interests, but also the ability for everyone to share common ideals and values, which will be a source of energy to promote the development and growth of the company.

The company provides each employee with a complete salary and welfare guarantee, and provides each employee with a broad space for development.

Encourage learning, create a learning team, and establish a talent training mechanism; strengthen assessment, implement performance appraisal, and improve the talent competition mechanism; create a relaxed, harmonious and efficient internal environment and establish a scientific employment mechanism; improve the talent introduction mechanism and supporting management systems , It will always be our Yongli market triumphant song.

Professional team